Friday, April 01, 2005

Exchange with Islington Council

Some exchanges with Islington council RE: Closure of Lambs Squash Club

FROM Islington:
I agree with your comments about the above closure, as it is always sad to see a sports facility close. Unfortunately the closure of the health club you have mentioned is out of our control for the following reason:

a) The property is privately run by the Fitness Exchange Group who lease the building from a private company. It is the private company who are terminating the lease and are selling the building on which is causing the club to close.

I can however tell you that Islington Council does have an excellent squash facility nearby with affordable prices based within Finsbury Leisure Centre, Norman Street. EC1V 3PU. For further information please call 020 7253 2346.

RESPONSE by Lambs member after some investigation:

...I have spoken at length to a Finsbury Leisure Centre representative at the Finsbury club, and also to a representative of it’s sister club, in addition an over-arching membership representative:

· It would seem that there are collectively, between the clubs 12 courts available, each with 5 (x5) weekday slots and 10(x2) weekend slots, accommodating 660 people to play twice a week.
· The current total membership headcount of these clubs is of the order of 24,800 ,5000 of whom use the squash facilities. If we assume at a conservative estimate that only half these players are regular players (play twice per week), we would see that the clubs are already very heavily (and probably over) subscribed for squash. This was evident when talking directly to the clubs who mentioned that peak hour booking saturation was great.
· Given that Lambs has 1500 members, of whom 800 are regular players, playing at a conservative estimate twice a week, we can see that the facilities mentioned would be under enormous pressure to cope with the load of the additional squash demand, to the detriment of current members of these clubs. Indeed, it would not appear feasible.

I appreciate the time you have taken to reply ... and hope this will clarify why it is imperative that this matter should be investigated further.


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